Mali's people travel on different types of animals, as shown below. Mali also transferred goods around the world by ships and boats (as shown below) the Arabs traded things such as gold, ivory, kola nuts, and slaves to Mali. Goods from North Africa were exchanged for forests and grasslands from West Africa. The Emperor of the Mali Empire Mansa Musa attracted merchants and scholars to Timbuktu from North Africa and Timbuktu became the center of scholarship in history, law, and Islamic religion.


  • camels
  • horses
  • carriages

Transfer of Goods Around the World

  • boats
  • ships

external image 2-camels-BE.jpg

Mali camels

external image i108.gif
Picture of Islamic Mosque in Mali

external image mali.flag.gif
picture of Mali's flag
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external image 036_34.jpg
this is a picture of a mali ship
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