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Background information about Kongo

400 - 1000 BCE
In the 14th century, the Kongo Kingdom was one of the most powerful of its time. The people were known as the Bakongo or the Essikongo.They were practicing agriculture by at least 1000 BCE and working for iron by 400 BCE.
The Kongo history goes back as early as 1000 BCE.

As most ancient kingdoms, they had kings and rulers. The early kings added provinces to the kingdom. Some like Mpangu, Nkusu and Wandu were voluntarily but others such as Nsundi and Mbamba had to be conquered.

1506 - :
Nzinga Nkuwu, a ruler in 1506 was ruling when the first Portuguese arrived. He welcomed Portugal trade and made a relation ship with the Europeans. During the 1400 the Portuguese traded with the King and gradually Christian missionaries converted some people of Kongo, including the King (Nzinga Nkuwu). Portugal sent carpenters, farmers, traders and other specialist to Kongo. Along with the material they traded with, Portugal eventually greeded for slaves which slowly brought down the empire of Kongo.

Here you will learn about:

  • Ancient Kongo religion

  • Ancient Kongo place

  • Ancient Kongo movent and region

  • Ancient Kongo enviroment

external image kongo-map.gifexternal image Bonobos2.jpg This map locates where the ancient Kongo kingdom is.( located on the western coast of central Africa) Picture from: http://fistfulofeuros.net/pedantry/images/kongo-map.gif

Time line: click here to see a site that shows a slide show about the Kongo timeline! ( click on slide show to see full screen)

Links to other pages about the Kongo Kingdom:

Place : This page will give you information on physical and human related topics about the government, architechture, climate,and natural life etc. in the Kongo kingdom.

( Bonobos, only found wild in Kongo. Image from : http://www.primatesworld.com/images/Bonobos2.jpg)

Regions: This page will tell you about agriculture, politics, vegetation, economy, and many other subjects on the Kongo kingdom region.

Enviroment: This page will tell you about Resources they had such as materials, food, tools, water and agriculture. Adaption such as clothing, technology, transportation, shelter and daily activities. It will also tell you about how they were changing landscape, habitats ecosystems.

Movement: On this page you will find out how the Kongo had the movement of ideas, objects, and people.

Location: Here you will find information about the location of Kongo like the surroundings.

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