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Ancient Mali was a very advanced country compared to their neighboring countries because of their unique location and military power. They had been able to thrive on tax received from the two countries above and below Mali. They would bring salt from the north to the south and gold from the south to the north. Mali would take the same amount of resources they traded in tax. Which means that Mali would gotten what both the countries got together. That was how Mali had become superior among the west African empires.

The food of Mali's main diet was consisted of meat, wild vegetables, fish, wheat bread and bread. They could catch fish in the Niger River which ran straight through the Mali empire. They would eat rice with every meal which provided them with strength and energy. This healthy diet combined with the exercise gained and the wealth of the country made the people all very healthy

Their countries unique location made them very wealthy because the states above and below Mali had things that they both needed. The problem was that they did not trust each other but they both trusted the country in the middle; Mali. Mali also had something they both needed to complete the trade, military power. Because of this unique advantage the people and the king of Mali were all very wealthy.

Their country also had many disadvantages including the heat, dust, drought and occasionally even floods. Because of these natural downfalls the people of Mali had to wear clothing that was well adapted to the climate. They had to wear animal skins, leather and fur. After many years they had developed pounded bark fabric that was lighter so that it would not weigh them down as much.

The people of Mali started off making their houses with mud and sticks but when the empire grew and gained power they started using stones and iron objects to build their houses. The ancient people of Mali also developed medicines to cure minor illnesses.

The people of Mali's daily activities would range from hunting to playing games. They would often either go hunting for meat or they would be gathering and cooking vegetables and fruits from the farm. All the people lived a hardworking but comfortable lifestyle. After a long days work they would sit back listen to music and do artistic things.

The people of Mali were all very happy with their lives and they lived very well.
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